Platform migration schedule

We are tying up the last loose ends in the move to wordpress. If your blog is still living in the previous platform, expect it to be automatically migrated during the next couple of weeks. No intervention is needed by the blog owner. We will move all the data to the new infrastructure and convert it to wordpress format. Your blog template will be kept as it is now, with all the customizations you have done so far. We will send an individual email to each author as soon as his/her account is migrated.

Moving blogs between platforms entails a change in the server that actually serves the blog. This operation takes a few hours to propagate over the Internet. Right after your blog gets moved, new posts may suffer a delay of up to two hours to show up everywhere. The blog itself will never be unavailable. Only posts done immediately after the migration are affected.

Please don’t send requests to support to speed up your specific blog migration. The process is automatic, and the support team can’t change the order blogs get processed.

22 Responses
  1. Sesli Sohbet says:

    Thank You…
    Very Much Blog Our..

  2. Nwangchuk says:

    THis still doesnt solve the problem, my problem of my blog showing up as ‘Non-existent.’Help.

  3. writer74 says:


  4. Claire says:

    Thank you ever so much for notifying me!

  5. biomovies says:

    Looking forward and hopefully this will give a bigger picture of the blog.

    With best wishes
    Chandra Pandula

  6. 拈花一笑 says:

    ok,thank you very much.

  7. Kay says:


    Thanks a lot for your kind,

    Now got its back, i saw my blog,

    Best Regards,

  8. tso-young says:


  9. nike0031 says:


  10. adhit says:

    Thank you

  11. HAYOR says:

    that is good of you guys. changes is of human beings.

  12. eco says:

    cool move. thx.

  13. kidding says:

    thank hope better

  14. Harr says:

    ok thanks

  15. Sydney Portifoy says:

    The most important part of blog was the view count. This simply does not exist on the new format. I have contacted support several times for help/explanation….no response. So now I am on the search for an easy to use blog that has a view count. Honestly, word press is complicated and a confusing pain to use. Loved the old format.

  16. DrReemAli says:

    This renewal is important. I wish to all to enjoy the after migration.

  17. docxsz says:

    Best to you & team…

    Will be the best …

  18. suman says:

    so this was all the strange things going on over few days, was wondering as i was not able to see the changes i was trying to make and even news posts..

    and the new platform looks better…

  19. reenu.stars says:

    Thanks to inform us for this migration.I hope, it has more better speed and will not create any problem.
    acai berry

  20. 忘忧草 says:

    thx & hav a nice day!!

  21. Zhongqi says:

    Hi, I found that my blog at can support embedded audio playback by simply inserting it into a post. However, at, it will just create a link to the audio. Can you fix this? Thank you.

  22. says:

    Great! Hope we can enjoy a better speed and larger storage space after migration

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