Mentawai, Merapi, Sawojajar and Titimplik

Sounds funny?

Don’t worry. They’re just names for themes developed by WP Charity that we’ve recently included in our collection.

WP Charity is a Tokokoo‘s network that is specifically built for charity purpose. How cool is that? So, we encourage all of our users to make a donation.

With these four new themes, we now have more than 75 themes you can choose for your blog! No excuse for unnatractive blogs!

Choose your theme now and make it work! Go on…and don’t forget to check our their demos to see them in action.

And here are they:


Demo Here



Demo Here



Demo Here



Demo Here


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31 Responses
  1. burtmccarthy717 says:

    Very good!

  2. qcwhfytl says:

    Thanks for the wonderful directions.

  3. amberf says:

    I changed my blog. It looks SO cool. THANK YOU.
    Please check out my blog @
    Thank you. My blog helps people get more blog friends.

  4. milanwen23 says:


  5. k12365 says:


  6. nizlitte says:

    im from indonesia.. and i know thats all..
    thats very beatiuful..
    i like it…

  7. marinic says:


  8. liyana_nala says: …love…

  9. Sharls3js says:

    Great themes! I will have to try them on to see how they look!

  10. omojejek says:


  11. phagopeter says:

    They are all fabulous, realy awsome.

  12. morgan.lexy.14 says:

    Mentawai for sure (: and nice name Tom! thats my great great grandpops name! and my nephews…

  13. keishacutes says:

    The name likely name of some places in Indonesia. Mentawai is a small island that hit by Tsunami sometimes ago. Merapi is a mountain and has erupted about 5-6 months ago. Is the theme maker are Indonesian like me?

  14. Felicia says:

    I’d prefer Titimplik out of them all but they’re brilliant.

  15. grace says:

    mentawai and merapi, they are from Indonesia, rite? pretty cool!

  16. I like all.. sounds the named was a place , mountain in my country (INDONESIA)

  17. Tom says:

    Really nice themes, I gotta admit, but I’m sticking with the old one I decided to use few months ago :) )))

  18. rocketpunchgirl says:

    I just joined a couple of weeks ago and i do have the itch to write

  19. vadcool says:

    Great themes………..!!!!

  20. deiiniielleluneii_nielle says:

    I LOVE the “mentawai”.! :D its pretty cool.!

  21. amberf says:

    I like it too. I love the Titimplik theme. It is so pretty. I think I will use it for my blog. Check it out @ . You can become friends there, report back or make your own letter, and find out about my animals and I happen to be selling any. Thank you. Bye Bye now.

  22. bjfranzen1 says:

    It is beautiful. but I am not knowing how to get it. I just joined this and am quite confused. Perhaps this is over my head. I do not know how to convey what I want out of what I see. Can you tell me or should I
    leave? bjConfused …but nice work…

  23. downjacketssale says:

    I like the Mentawai style!

  24. e.akhbar says:

    Great point, “No excuse for unnatractive blogs!”…And I love the awsome Mentawai, good work!

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