Christmas Bundle – Last Chance!

Everyone, go find your wallets asap. The Christmas Bundle offer will be up only until February, 10th.

In case you’ve forgotten what this bundle is, we’ll sum it up for you:

What will you get:

How much will it cost you:

Minus $25 it would normally cost, which means a total of $58 for all these premium features.

How will your blog benefit from this:

You’ll have tons of storage space to upload all the photographs & videos you want, while having the possibility to customize your blog’s appearance to make a beautiful, distinguishable and ads-free site. Plus, you’ll be given the chance to make a little money for yourself, by placing your own publicity. When you finish putting it all together, you’ll get rid of the blog.com domain and use your blog as your own personal site, by registering your own custom domain.

Lovely, right? Grab it the Upgrades section of your blog’s dashboard.

10 Responses
  1. SV 2012 says:

    I think you should make all the themes FREE!!!
    I don’t know about anybody else but I love getting free stuff.

  2. uuf.bft says:

    The banner is still active and asking me to use this special but it is not active. Not cool to tease a customer like this. ;)

  3. efan says:

    i want to buy ,but seems it’s beyond the deadline…..

  4. amberf says:

    I think you should make all the themes FREE! That would be the best Christmas bundle EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone agree???????? I so agree!!!!! I don’t know about anybody else but I love getting free stuff. By the way… check out my blog @ amberf.blog.com
    thank you!!!

  5. kevingoyanks says:

    will there be a chance to get it at a lower price

  6. djek.nad says:

    is there a way to support HTML 5?

    • Blog.com says:

      Some themes already support HTML 5, so I advise you to check the most recent themes in your blog’s dashboard: APPEARANCE > THEMES. In the future, we’ll add a ‘html5′ tag to the themes, for people to be able to search for themes that support it.

  7. buyrsgold says:

    I like to buy it, where can I buy though?

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