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Upon our dashboard makeover last October, we removed the SEO options menu on posts pages.

Nowadays, we automatically optimize your blog in order to achieve good search engine rankings. All of your posts and pages have well formatted titles, descriptions and keywords based on its content.

However, we felt that our users should be able to edit their blog description for search engines, so we introduced some SEO options in the SETTINGS menu of your blog’s dashboard.

So you can now go to SEO OPTIONS and edit your homepage meta-description and meta-keywords.

Tweak how you want your homepage to be shown on search engines. If you’d like, leave it blank and it will fall to our default settings. Below, you’ll see an example of how you can fill out the SEO form.

Example of a meta-description and meta-keywords for

Don’t forget that the blog’s title and tagline you insert in SETTINGS > GENERAL are also very important, since they’ll appear in your blog’s search results.

Below, you’ll see an image of Google’s search result for

  1. Blog title – define it in SETTINGS > GENERAL;
  2. Blog tagline - define it in SETTINGS > GENERAL;
  3. Homepage description - define it in SETTINGS > SEO OPTIONS;

That’s it! If you’d like any further reading about meta-descriptions and SEO, we recommend you to visit ProBlogger, Mashable or search the web for best practices on writing meta-descriptions for SEO.

Happy engine optimized blogging!

17 Responses
  1. ASRAR says:

  2. ruthmatranga7 says:

    I’m new at this and need to know if this is where I begin writing?

  3. adde_10 says:

    It s nice to see this again and again

  4. pramukh says:

    how can i add description

  5. mike.op789 says:

    Oh nice, every day you learn something new!

  6. amberf says:

    Thx. It is wonderful. If ya’ll want a friend or want a cat visit my blog.

    thx. :D excited to meet u!

  7. Chomel Kiong says:

    Is it possible to have an apps of a blog?so that we can blog at anywhere n any time.((;

  8. Dammy says:

    Its Pretty much Okay by me too

  9. Kevin says:

    It a very good update anyway!

  10. victorjohnson815 says:

    Fantastic. I’m glad your innovative development team has integrated this functionality for all users as I’m sure there more than a few bloggers interested in maintaining control over their meta descriptions and keywords. I’m new here and am thoroughly impressed with thus far. Looking forward to future updates of your already outstanding service.

    Victor Johnson

  11. Dr Clandestine says:

    Just noticed that this change only applies to the blog homepage. So I still cannot optimise individual posts and pages. Anyway, at least I get to promote my blog first in my own way. No wonder the “SEO Options” was placed in the “Settings” tab rathan the editor column it used Thanx anyway, but you’ve got to enable JavaScript!!!

  12. Dr Clandestine says:

    Finally!!!!!!!!! I was really, really, really, really upset when you guys removed the SEO options after last October’s upgrade. I almost went crazy with anger. Thanks for restoring it!

    However, there’s one last tiny little bit of tweak you guys MUST do for ME. Gimme JavaScript!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My sidebar could be a lot richer and more functionally diverse with widgets. Pleeeease!!!

    ••• Jonas Ezeanya (Lekki Peninsula, Lagos, Nigeria)

  13. WidySkylark says:

    Hmmm… Yeahhh,, this is a good idea… okay,I’m working now :D

  14. Gray says:

    Pretty good updates (y)

  15. bujurrangga says:

    I want it on my blog.

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