Blog stats available again, please re-authenticate

A while ago we had to suspend the blog stats feature, to adapt to the new Google Analytics API. The good news is that it’s done, so you can enable blog stats again. There is, however, the need for you to re-authenticate with Google for the widgets to work again.

It’s a simple process. Login to your blog administration interface, then head over to Tools | Blog Stats, on the left-side menu bar. Here, click the button labeled “Authenticate Account”. You’ll be forwarded to Google, where you will grant access to your Google Analytics data, which we need to generate the statistics charts and the unique visitor counts to be included in the widgets.

We’d skip this step if possible, but only you may grant the authorization for to retrieve Google Analytics data from your Google account. This step is only required if you wish to see the blog stats charts on your dashboard, or if you use the blog stats widget on your blog sidebar. Statistics collection will occur, even if you don’t grant access to your Analytics data, and will be visible on your Google Analytics account.

Happy blogging!

16 Responses
  1. HNDRNRKHLS. says:

    it’s not working in my blog, can you make easier?? or back to the old statistic bar??
    and for Comment section is complicated, many people had hard time to comment in my blog, the previous setting is so much user-friendlier

  2. paskaldoank says:

    thank’s…. :)

  3. adenugalayo says:

    i have been trying over and over but its not working..please help!

  4. hanny_aubrey says:

    So all my previous visitors have been deleted and my counter has been reset :(

  5. Mr Incognito says:

    No, its not working. I’ve even waited 24 hours after clicking the Authenticate button to see if that makes a difference but nothing. Trying for the third day now for stats to come back.

  6. pumpkinalena says:

    that is awesome!

  7. jamecoloma says:


  8. copperstonerv says:

    Tried to authenticate this three times and still no stats! Am I missing something here or is it just not working?

    • ivie.isler says:

      It takes several hours (up to a day) to load the stats. Try to log in to you account today and see if the stats are there.

  9. brajirafiu says:

    i had been itching to have a live Blog all along, now i have one thanks to you all.


  11. Eleana says:

    Too much hassle. U should make it easier.

  12. 李 歌 says:


  13. writter girl says:

    what does it mean, RE-AUTHENTICATE ?

    • Tori says:

      On the dashboard, under the Tools tab, you’ll find ‘Blog Stats’. You can authenticate google analytics so you’ll be able to see your blog status. For example: visits per day.


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