Terms of Service updated

Hi there,

Recently, Blog.com’s Terms of Service were updated. Namely, section 7.3 “Author Responsibility”, in which we now detail the guidelines that each user should follow regarding the content of his/her blogs. Blogs that go against these guidelines can now be suspended faster, as we aim to keep improving the quality of Blog.com’s content.

We strongly suggest that you read it carefully and keep blogging responsibly!

You can check it here: Terms of Service

7 Responses
  1. Ricky Kumar says:

    CopY tHat……

  2. barbarareznick says:

    good to know

  3. odion.elijah says:

    Is good to follow your blog

  4. khai huab says:

    thanks for that info.

  5. zetsu says:

    i have to follow my blog too 8O

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