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In the last couple of weeks we’ve been working on improving the “Blog on Your Domain” premium feature so that you take full advantage of custom domain names.

Until now, whenever you bought a custom domain with us, or mapped a domain that you alreay owned, you’d get your blog fully accessible on both URLs (eg. and Still, most of you expected your new domain to completely override’s URL so to be more visible in search engines and such.

From now on, when your domain is fully and correctly configured, we will automatically redirect your to, making sure that the search engines are aware of this and they only index your custom domain! If there’s something wrong, then both will be available, so that you can fix the issue without your blog being down.

When you login, you’ll still get the dashboard at the’s address, but everything outside the administration area will be on your custom domain.

If you have a mapped domain, please make sure you have your domain’s DNS configuration checked in the Tools > Domains page (we’ll put up a warning if there’s something wrong, don’t worry).

So, we hope this will improve your domain notoriety and bring even more visitors to your blog!

If you still don’t have a custom domain for your blog, just head to your Upgrades section and start bloggin on your own domain for just $18 per year!

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  1. vitha_rayqueen says:


  2. vitha_rayqueen says:


  3. Tidecool says:

    Very good. love it.

  4. mzzbn_786 says:

    Thats Cool

  5. Sally says:

    Since the change my blog link has disappeared although my dashboard is still intact. I have had my own domain since I started and it is live until the middle of 2014. I tried contacting the help desk but it started spamming me back with my own emails. My blog is still offline and I have no idea how to fix the problem. Any ideas?!

  6. triyas_widuri says:

    i don’t know :p :D

  7. manu says:

    i wanna know that whenever i want to open my blogs there should be some uncategorized terms. and i am not able to visit my blogs more. what can i do to show my blogs to outside world. ?

  8. says:

    Am so glad of see the improvement done on the bloging sites, thanx allot

  9. cintamutiara says:

    Thank you! That’s great!

  10. baizhiyi says:

    this is great

  11. Padepokan Gebang Tinatar says:

    very good…



  13. candra puspita lestari says:

    love it :)

  14. centpaddy says:

    hw can i purchase the stuff

  15. Innocent Masanzu says:

    so cool

  16. Promise says:

    Great news am a novice here tho!!

  17. waterfallkiss says:

    Thats great.. Now my blog will be up there (:

  18. Great! Thanks for so much information

  19. Thanks, thats great!

    Rachel Hughes,

  20. tibbygaga says:


  21. bassam.m.assi says:

    perfect..i like it

  22. Jenn says:

    Thank you! That’s great! :)

  23. Axel says:

    Very nice! I’ll be upgrading soon!

  24. zuiwoo27 says:

    Still working on blog. That’s for the update

  25. “So, we hope this will improve your domain notoriety and bring even more visitors to your blog!”

    Notoriety works for me…………..maybe not everyone.

    notoriety |ˌnōtəˈrīətē| noun
    the state of being famous or well known for some bad quality or deed:

  26. says:

    This is good news

  27. Cool it’s about time

  28. dairubi_rod says:

    Nice work! :)

  29. Vannie says:


  30. israninaresh1 says:

    i would like to know whether i could change my current blog address now.

  31. robvi says:

    wow i gotta get me a domain, still working on blog tho. thats for the update

  32. Newsyman says:

    Thanks! Excellent work!

  33. MOHSEN ABEDINI says:

    not bad.

  34. th3hungrycat says:

    If we have purchased the custom domain through BLOG.COM does the DNS configuration apply or is that already taken care of?

  35. Jae says:

    This is good news! I have actually noticed this change when previewing a draft post—it redirects to my purchased custom domain! :)

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